2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus – A Deeper Dive

Dec 12, 2022

When an Audi R8 shows up, you take notice, much more when it’s a V10. The original Audi R8 was pretty special looking, but in typical automotive industry style, a facelift was due. In 2012, the facelift was introduced with V10 Plus model, essentially providing the public with an even spicier everyday supercar that turned heads just because it wasn’t a Lamborghini or Ferrari rolling by. The best part of a R8 ownership is not feeling the guilt of racking up miles, rock chips, or wear and tear from the daily commute. The 2017 R8 V10 Plus we have on offer is pretty special too, with added touches from the previous owner. We knew the car deserved an outdoor type of photoshoot so we took this one to a local area here in Mountain View to capture the afternoon golden hour. This is a menacing-looking piece of German engineering!

An attention-grabbing black exterior with on black wheel combo accented with the LEDs lit up under the dusk sky.

More photos of the front… the splitter really rounds out the aggressiveness of the front end!

Along with some detail shots of the rear wing:

Close-ups of the wheels for safe measure:

And now, the interior:

Some detail shots of the car:

Finally, the business end of the car:

This is a supercar through and through, yet you’ll want to keep driving this machine. The 5.2L V10 screams as it goes through the revs; a great sound right behind your head!

That said, be sure to check it out here and feel free to stop by to see it in person. Audi’s flagship model still punches above its weight class and is indeed a future classic!