Big Grille Energy – the M4 Competition xDrive

Jan 30, 2023

We can start with the obvious: to be quite fair, the front-end aesthetics is perfectly fine… might venture out a little to say it can grow on a person. It adds to the muscular features the M4 platform brings to the table along with its muscular power. Powered by a twin-turbo inline-six engine pushing out 503 hp, you want 0-60? You got 0-60. 2.8 seconds.


Launch control + ZF 8-speed automatic transmission + xDrive + 479 lb-ft of torque = a winning formula.

Pushing a heavy beast of an object like this isn’t easy but boy does BMW make it fun.

This 2022 M4 Competition boasts a bit more luxurious ride thanks to the the M Sport Seats and all the assistance packages available from the factory.

The Fjord Blue interior is beautifully paired with the Alpine White exterior as well!

Track mode makes all distractions on the screens disappear and it’s just you, the road, and the speedometer giving you the information you need.

All this being said, it’s a BMW M4 Competition. It’s fast, it’s fancy, and it’s downright powerful. It looks beautiful and performs well whether on the track, in canyons, or doing errands.