California Fall Drive: An Iconic Experience

Sep 14, 2021

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing color and the air is crisp, signaling the end of another spectacular summer in California. What better way to celebrate than by driving a Porsche convertible up Highway 1 or Napa Valley? Fall may be one of the most beautiful times to visit the Golden State, but it can also be tricky to plan for – especially if you’re not familiar with all its iconic destinations.

Here are some of our favorite convertible road trips

– Santa Cruz to San Francisco via Pacific Coast Highway Drive: This drive is a classic and starts on Route 17 going through Big Sur. The views are incredible as you travel north along the coast highway, which winds past cliffs with sea lions below and waterfalls trickling down from high up above. It’s one of those experiences that never gets old! Once at some point it becomes 101 North, directly into downtown SF where there are so many more things to do. This can be done as a day trip or even over two days if you want to stop for dinner somewhere beautiful along the way like Carmel by the Sea or dine on fresh seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf.

– Route 66 is known as “the Mother road” because millions of Americans followed its path, especially after World War II when returning soldiers took advantage of cheap transport options to find their way home across America’s vast landscape with its seemingly endless expanse. It was also a great source for new employment opportunities at the many cafes, motels, and gas stations that were established along this famous route that went all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica in California. Most people enjoy driving through small towns out west where Route 66 passes right by them but there are other attractions too like Meteor Crater which formed an impressive hole in the ground 50 000 years ago when a meteor hit Earth here violently creating impact waves that can still be today.

– The Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway is one of the most famous drives in California, delivering drivers through some incredible scenery. This drive runs from US 395 to CA 203 near Mammoth Lakes. If you are coming down to this area for a visit or vacation, then it’s probably worth your time to take this trip at least once during any season. There are many great places to stop along the way and explore on foot too!

– The Avenue of the Giants is an approximately 32-mile long scenic route located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park along U.S. Route 101 in Northern California where visitors can experience some of the world’s tallest trees at their base and largest fallen logs on earth as well as museums, unique shops & lodging all within close proximity to each other. The avenue provides access to giant sequoias (“Sequoiadendron giganteum”), which are known variously as Sierra redwood or big tree, coast redwood, or California redwood.

– Napa Valley is one of the most beautiful and scenic drives in California, especially through wine country. The valley stretches from the Pacific on its western edge, to just over thirty miles east of San Francisco Bay along U.S. Route 101 north-south between Calistoga and St Helena. The Napa River flows from the valley’s west end into Lake Berryessa, a reservoir in the riverside town of Yountville. Napa Valley is one of California’s premier wine regions with over 400 wineries spread out over an area stretching nearly 100 miles long and 18-30 wide. The climate is mild during summertime which allows for grapes to grow easily while winters are wet providing a much-needed water supply to vines growing on hillsides surrounding it.

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