Multi-Step Auto Paint Correction Service in the Bay Area

Arguably the most critical part of the detailing process, and our most popular detailing service, an extremely high quality multi-step paint correction is what truly sets your car apart from the rest. At Response Motors, our resident master detailer has over 20 years of concours level polishing experience. From a vintage air-cooled Porsche 911, to a state of the art 918 Spyder, and everything else in between. Your paint will be pampered in its own luxurious auto spa utilizing the most advanced techniques and the finest materials available on the market. Our in-house paint corrections typically involve a minimum of 25 hours of meticulous polishing, giving the final finish a richness and depth that shines with a brilliance that truly must be seen to be believed. For a preview of our paint corrections, please check out our inventory page or stop by our showroom, as each one of our cars for sale has gone through this exclusive process. Call us to schedule your appointment today!

Get Detailing

At Response Motors we have an expert team of detailing professionals with decades of experience clearing, restoring, and detailing some of the world’s most exclusive cars. Whether you’re looking for paint correction, ceramic coatings, PPF install, concourse level detailing, or just a freshen-up, let Response Motors take care of your investment like it is one of our own.