New Car Preparation Services in the Bay Area

Almost all new cars come from the factory with surprising paint flaws and imperfections. Unfortunately this has become an unavoidable part of the production and transport process. But after it arrives at the dealership, your new car is “cleaned” and prepared for delivery incorrectly using improper techniques and materials. This makes the initial factory defects even worse and more difficult to correct. Luckily, we offer a variety of customizable new car preparation packages to protect your new investment and keep it looking its very best for many years to come.

Our new car prep packages eliminate this headache by having your new car sent straight to Response Motors for proper preparation, decontamination, cleaning, detailing, and protection by our expert team of professionals. This process typically consists of a multi-step paint correction and polish, followed by applying paint protection film (partial or complete vehicle), and then finishing the process with ample layers of very high quality ceramic coating to give the paint and film a brilliant shine and finish. This is what your brand new car is supposed to look like! Do it right the first time so you can spend more time driving and enjoying your new pride and joy.

Get Detailing

At Response Motors we have an expert team of detailing professionals with decades of experience clearing, restoring, and detailing some of the world’s most exclusive cars. Whether you’re looking for paint correction, ceramic coatings, PPF install, concourse level detailing, or just a freshen-up, let Response Motors take care of your investment like it is one of our own.