Porsche Servicing for Track Days

Aug 11, 2021

Getting your Porsche ready for the track can feel like a chore sometimes. However, with the right tips and tricks, it may be easier than you think. Even first-timers can make a few small changes to their car that can make a big difference on the track. Furthermore, the right preparations are crucial to improving performance and safety. Lean on Response Motor’s expertise and consider this advice about Porsche servicing for track days. Many of these maintenance jobs are possible in your own garage. Still, if you want an expert’s touch, come to the pros at Response Motors. Now, here are seven tips to get your Porsche ready for the track.


Inspect Your Car for Quality and Safety

When prepping your Porsche, or any vehicle, for the track, it is always best to start with the basics. If your car needs any repairs or servicing, take care of that right away. Before taking your Porsche to the track, you will want to make sure there are no leaks. Additionally, look for things like a check engine light popping on or loose components.

At the beginning of a track day, inspectors will check your car for these items. Ensuring that everything is in order before arriving will make the process of getting on the track much smoother. Finally, check your seat, seatbelt, steering wheel, and windshield to confirm your car meets proper safety requirements.

Replace Brake Pads and Fluid

On the track, there is no more important component of a vehicle than its brakes. Cornering and handling are paramount during track day and are two of the first skills drivers learn. Therefore, your Porsche’s brakes need to keep up. If your car has stock street pads, consider replacing those with some track brake pads.

Track pads will give you more stopping power. Compared to street pads, they are durable and can last the entirety of the event. Another important consideration is your brake fluid. Here, you will want track rated brake fluid. This will have the ability to withstand the high temperatures your car may reach on the track.


Put Fresh Oil in Your Porsche

Especially for first-time track drivers, filling your Porsche with fresh fluids makes a big difference. Most car owners already know the importance of regular oil changes. Consider, however, that during a track event, you may log hundreds of miles over a weekend. Quite likely, this is more strain than you usually put on your sports car.

Before heading to the track, it is always recommended to have fresh oil in your car. If it has been a while since your last change, take care of that simple fix. Naturally, with new oil in your Porsche, it will run smoother out on the track.

Upgrade Your Cooling System

While driving at high speed on the track, one key is your car’s ability to disperse heat. Even for high-performance models, overheating is too common and can cause significant damage. To keep your Porsche running smooth, make the needed improvements to its cooling system. With a few small tweaks, your car can see remarkable improvement.

The easiest way to help your car is to use fresh coolant. Replacing the coolant is simple and this small tweak goes a long way. For a more involved modification, consider getting a new radiator. Research your model to see if other drivers have noted cooling issues on the track.


Consider Reducing Your Car’s Weight

Want to get that extra edge on the track? One option is to make your car lighter. This means removing excess weight from your Porsche. Although not necessary, keeping your car light is a trick some experts use to set new personal bests. If you want to take your experience to the next level, this is a good idea.

Your options for how to make a car lighter varies depending on the model. Many Porsches may already be close to the lowest possible weight. However, others may consider making changes for track day like removing the sound system’s subwoofer. Also, removing the spare tire just for the track is another option.

Get the Right Tires on Your Porsche

Another crucial aspect of having success on the track is using the right tires. Winter or all-season tires will not perform well for this purpose. Due to their treads, these tires cannot provide your car with the needed grip. Furthermore, using these tires will quickly become damaged if used on a track day.

Likely, you already have your car fitted with summer tires or track slicks if you drive a Porsche sports car. If not, you should get those fitted before heading to the track. With the right tires, you can unlock the best performance from your car.


Head to the Track Prepared with Everything You Need

On track day, make a list of everything you may need to have with you. This may include cleaning supplies for between runs, a gauge for tire pressure, and tools to quickly tweak your vehicle. Also, it never hurts to bring some extra fuel and oil just in case.

Lastly, along with preparing your car for the track, remember to prepare yourself. Take healthy snacks and plenty of water to remain energized and hydrated behind the wheel. Dress comfortably and come prepared for the weather, rain or shine. Finally, as always, don’t forget your helmet!

Porsche Servicing for Track Days in the Bay Area

If you find yourself needing a professional touch to prepare your car for the track, come to Response Motors. Located in Mountain View, California, we specialize in servicing Porsche and other top sports cars. We have plenty of track experience ourselves and know how to get the best out of your vehicle. Read more about all the services we can provide.


For Expert Porsche Servicing, Choose Response Motors

At Response Motors, we can help seasoned vets and rookies alike get ready for their next day at the track. Our passionate, experienced technicians offer outstanding Porsche servicing for track days. Thanks to our decades of combined experience, we can get your sports car ready to post fast lap times. When you need to get the ultimate performance, choose a team that shares your enthusiasm for the track. Here, customer service comes first, and we can offer advice to first-time track drivers. To schedule pre-track day service for your Porsche, contact Response Motors today.