The M3an Green Fighting Machine

Jan 28, 2023

The BMW G80 M3 Competition, aesthetics aside, is a potent machine and supercar-like attributes: a powerful engine, fast-shifting transmission, tight suspension and handling characteristics, ceramic brakes, and sticky performance tires – an exotic driving experience package finished up with “look at me” Aesthetically, the paint choices, luxurious interior upholstery, and driver-centric modes are perfect for those weekends in the canyons or at one’s local track day.

Of course, BMW purists will point out how un-BMW the new era of these M3s have been with aesthetically dis-pleasing front ends, numb steering, lack of manual options for the higher-end models, how it’s not an E46 M3 with a naturally-aspirated inline-six… the list goes on…

Whether it’s a bunch of boomers and late-stage millennials finding it hard to adapt to the changing times or people clinging on to nostalgia fueled by social media and YouTube, it’s good to respect the past but more importantly to pay attention to the present.

BMW hasn’t gone fully electric or hybrid with the M3 platform yet, and all purists should at least praise that.

This 2023 M3 Competition xDrive in particular turns heads because of its beautiful Isle of Man green and exterior paired with the beautiful Tartufo brown leather interior. A classic color combo to appease even the most classy of gentlemen drivers.

The interior accent lighting boosts the overall vibe of the cabin. It’s closer to classy than gaudy.

The front M Sport seats in the M3 are beautiful, especially in the Tartufo color… probably just want to sit in these all day.

With driver-centrism on BMW’s mind, the different modes presented by iDrive allow a truly plush and casual experience while navigating the city streets. Drivers can ratchet things up further putting the car in Sport or Sport+ mode. Not only will this change the characteristics of the vehicle but also remove all distractions from the screens in front of the driver. From there, it’s just the driver, speedometer, and the road ahead. Get ready put your foot down and slap those pedals!

50th anniversary badge, carbon fiber roof, driver aids, and M Shadowline lights all accent this gorgeous machine!

Overall, this is a great evolution of the M3 platform. As we head into the future of performance cars, we’ll no doubt see better iterations of the car. It seems as though BMW has been getting back on track with the focus on enthusiasts!