The NSX Grand Finale (Again)

Mar 22, 2023

No, but seriously, for real this time. This is it, the final NSX, the Type S supercar flagship from Honda as the swan song straight out of Ohio.

With NSX GT3 inspiration on the car, you’ll come to find carbon fiber sideskirts, roof, rear spoiler, front lip, and a rear diffuser that screams RACE CAR. Looking better than the standard NSX, the Italian supercar-esque front bumper features a more aggressive front end overall and definitely makes you do a double-take. A Lamborghini this may not be, but what matters is the technology the NSX boasts.

This is the F1-derived 3.5L V6 beating heart of the NSX Type S, accompanied by upgraded turbos, bigger fuel injectors, and upgraded battery in the hybrid system. As a result, 600hp and 492 lb-ft of torque overwhelms the senses every time the pedal is smashed to the floor, and that 0-60mph burst of energy is just under 3 seconds of pure adrenaline.

Obviously Sport+ is the only mode to keep this car in, but it must be noted that with Honda engineers revising the tuning software for the NSX, the Sport+ feels even more “plussier”. Track mode brings on a differ rawness spewing from the hybrid engine. Faster revs and faster shifts are on tap while the damping system is trackday stiff. Although, if you’re a maniac and really want to shake out the Prius vibes, we once again must re-emphasize, “Sport+ is the the only mode to keep this car in“.

The interior is good enough for a car like this, as both driver and passenger are treated to plush leather +Alcantara seats. They’re also bolstered to keep occupants in their seats during spirited drives!

With a driver-oriented interior, all controls are within reach and are very responsive and depending on the mode selected, the dashboard will show you only the information that you need.

The NSX and Type S detail touches are there to remind you what car you’re in. Yes, it really is a hybrid supercar made by Honda!

Nothing like a little cooling and aero detail to make this really come together. We must emphasize that this isn’t just a slapped-together supercar. The car was made with a purpose, lest we forget Honda’s identity in the earlier days. They still know how to make racing cars and they do it well!

inal bits and pieces to show off here…

All-in-all a wonderful car. Hopefully Honda makes something this cool again, but, given the state of…well…everything, only time will tell. If it’s not another hybrid, then probably some full-electric supercar flagship. An NSX-E? *screams in heresy*