Werks Reunion Monterey

Aug 30, 2022

Monterey, California – August 19th, 2022

Set in the Monterey Pines Golf Course, this event hosted by the Porsche Club of America was a gathering of Porsche enthusiasts across many spectrums of the Porsche orbit, whether as a driver, owner, or one who appreciates the brand and/or its cars. It was Porsche galore and the corral parking was not in short supply of unique builds spanning multiple generations, models, aircooled, watercooled, GT, coupe, SUV, everything!

Some eye-catching builds were on display around the corral as well!

Deeper into the actual “show” Ken Block’s Hoonipigasus surely made people question their idea of how wild a Porsche can or “should” be. Designed specifically to take on the 2022 Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, this 1400hp AWD beast of a machine was a joint venture between Hoonigan Racing Division and BBi Autosport. Unfortunately, the car was not able to qualify for and take part in the actual 100th running on the Hill Climb due to an engine failure.  While unfortunate, it still made for a great talking piece at the Werks Reunion.

Back to regular cars – coming across this 996 was pretty interesting. No van life needed, say hello to camping with your 911!

However, if a Cayenne is more of your style, there are camping options for that, too!

If you’re feeling rather lucky, may we introduce you to an absolutely insane show-stopping 1979 Porsche 928? This is affectionately named the 1979 Porsche Renegade 928 XXL Widebody by its owner Maverick Miles Nehermiah. While the info card read the following: “Featuring Carbon Kevlar fenders, rose gold Roll Bar, and Flying horizontal “928” wing struts, and a Wild 777 Jackpot Las Vegas Casino Craps interior”, there are a lot more things to look at. Of all the cars at Werks, this was the “Jackpot”.

A rather short day was spent here looking at the various P-cars as the sun was starting to come out and there were other activities to attend to.  The Werks Reunion is a visual treat that caters to the Porsche nerds and enthusiasts alike; there is something for everyone! Best of all, aside from the $40 cash parking fee, the rest of the event is free for spectators. While the 2023 event page isn’t up yet for obvious reasons, feel free to bookmark this link and refer back to it when figuring out what to do during Monterey Car Week in 2023.